Our Beers

Running Walker Beer is Braman Brands’ latest offering to its Texas customers. Named after Joe Braman’s Running Walker hunting dogs, the beer is brewed to meet the standards and exceed the expectations of the people of Texas. Braman, who has achieved success in ranching, real estate and rodeo, supplements his award-winning wine with a line of quality beer. The reviews are in and the diverse beer line caters to the tastes of everyone from the craft brew enthusiast to those simply seeking an escape from the Texas heat.


Texas Reserve IPA

A perfectly smooth, well-balanced IPA with a  malty backbone, combined with a refreshing citrus flavor derived from the hops will certainly spoil your taste buds.  Cheers!

ABV 6.3%
IBU 64

Running Walker Stout


This balanced stout carries a slightly spiced taste with a smooth finish.  A pure-blooded ale, sure to get your attention.

ABV 5.8%
IBU 52



Our golden ale is brewed to refresh on the hottest of days.  Perfect for relaxing in the shade; this loyal companion aims to satisfy.

ABV 5.5%
IBU 34


The Pilsner

A classic Pilsner true to its German heritage.  Brewed using superior American and German ingredients, this is no ordinary breed.

ABV 5.1%
IBU 30


Texas Secession

It takes a Texan – to use extraordinary craftsmanship and quality to make even the simplest beer great.  A very easy-drinking blonde beer, great for tailgating, the river, or anything Texas.

ABV 3.5%
IBU 11

Our Philosophy

Our brewing philosophy is based upon seeking perfection. By utilizing top of the line malts and hops, our team is dedicated to providing the most exceptional hand-crafted beer you will ever experience. Our German-trained and accredited Brewmaster, with more than 20 years of brewing experience, and our entire team of expert brewers are dedicated to providing you a most incredible beer experience.

We select the finest domestic and imported ingredients available, and blend the crushed malt with water, resulting in what is known as mash. After mashing, the wort is separated from the husk, and brought to a boil before we introduce hand-selected hops to the process. Finally, we chill our unique Texas brew, and let specially selected yeast indulge on the malt sugars, thus creating a masterfully-designed style of beer.

Joe Braman

Most people would be content living out a family legacy steeped in Texas ranching, real estate, and oil. Joe Braman isn’t most people. A true Texas cowboy – champion team roper, avid outdoorsman, conservationist – Joe’s life has been filled with charting new ground. A passion for cooking, noticed and nurtured by his grandmother, Mary O’Connor Braman, led Joe to culinary school and his exceptional skill for pairing wine with food. So it was a natural step to take those same talents and apply them to use the best ingredients to create the best beer possible. Braman Brewery was born to carve out a new legacy – one for Joe to pass on to his family, and to share with beer lovers everywhere.

The Running Walker

Intelligent, highly physical, and with remarkable hunting instincts, the Running Walker is a magnificent breed of hound that purely reflects the very heart and soul of Texas.

For decades, Joe Braman has expertly raised and trained scores of Running Walker dogs on his ranch in Refugio, Texas. Recognizing the unique skills and confidence of his hounds, Joe has used the Running Walkers to aid in his conservancy efforts – to identify and help save jaguars in Southern Mexico.

With remarkable loyalty, obedience, and stamina, a Running Walker is the perfect companion for the true Texan. So the name “Running Walker” is a perfect fit for a lineup of beers hand-crafted in true Texas spirit!